Counseling/Coaching Fees

Fees for individual clients

There is a standard fee for counseling and coaching sessions.   There is also a different standard fee for coaching while serving as a Divorce Coach or as an Executive Career Coach.

In order to provide services to those in need, a sliding fee scale will be provided for clients based on income and hardship. Some proof of gross annual income may be required for this to be considered, such as an income tax return, a paycheck stub or a disability check stub.

For counseling & coaching, you can pay by cash, check, or money order. If I am working with you by phone only, for example, for job search coaching or resume writing,  or you owe a significant amount, you can also pay through Paypal by clicking on the image below.

Fees for Organization Clients

Fees will be determined based on the assignment

Please call or contact me if you have specific questions related to fees or any other concerns.