Couples/Marriage Counseling

Couples often complain that their partner doesn’t listen to them, doesn’t show consideration, or doesn’t show them they are loved.  Couples often feel judged or disconnected from their partner.  Sometimes they question why they are still together.  Many couples either don’t talk to each other when they are upset or seem to argue all the time. They may feel trapped in a pattern that keeps repeating and they don’t know how to get it to stop.
Couples seek therapy for these reasons and others. All couples experience relationship challenges and conflict. And, all couples go through trying times.  Yet there are times when a person, a couple, needs help because they just can’t find the solution on their own.  And, their relationship no longer feels like a “safe” place for them to be with each other.
I provide a safe space where the two individuals in the relationship, both partners, feel understood and heard.  And, by better understanding the bonds between them, the triggers and patterns that exist in their relationship, how they communicate with each other, the truth about their potential “disconnect”, they can go on to potentially create a more fulfilling, intimate relationship. 
Using several different approaches, including EFT, Emotionally Focused Therapy, I help couples see their repeating and negative patterns/cycles clearly; reconnect with each other at a deeper level; heal any wounds; and be able to express who they really are with their partner in a strengthened and more connected relationship. EFT is an evidence-based therapy that has been proven to help a large percentage of couples.
With this and other processes, I can help couples:
  • Change negative patterns relating to conflict
  • Enhance the ability to communicate and really hear each other
  • Increase intimacy and feelings of connection
  • Strengthen trust
  • Address sexuality and sexual issues in their relationship
  • Handle parenting issues
  • Deal with whether they should stay in the relationship or go

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Nancy has been magnificent in every way helping my wife and I become close again after 37 years of marriage. When I first came to her a year ago my marriage was essentially over and I was starting to consider where I would be living divorced from my wife. She brings amazing insightful real life examples of approaches to take for communication that changes thought processes. I love my wife very much and because of what Nancy implemented as part of the way we both now think of things, my marriage was saved. My wife and I are thankful we did.
Steve H.
My experience working with Nancy was great. I needed a therapist to help me while having some marital problems. Nancy has great insight into identifying problems and helped to point out to my husband and me what direction to follow and helped us set up achievable goals to work towards. Nancy taught us how to finally listen and communicate with one another. She saw the anger I was suppressing and worked with my husband and me to resolve openly and calmly many interpersonal issues we finally talked about with her. Nancy is a good listener, responsive, very patient and has a warm heart, too. She understood that it was much easier for me to talk and open up than my husband and she was willing to give him the time he needed. Nancy always called back ASAP when I left a message for her which I really appreciated.
Diane S.
My Fiancé and I got engaged and knew that we wanted our marriage to be as successful as it can be. We searched for a premarital counselor and found Nancy Hutter. She is a spectacular counselor. We are able to be completely open and honest with her and she is always fair to both parties when discussing problems. She has become an integral part of our future marriage success. She has also helped us with the transition into parenthood of two wonderful children. She is always available when we need her and is always understanding and flexible with our busy lifestyle. I would recommend her to any couple or person needing someone to help guide them and provide professional advice and services.
Starr B.