Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution and Interpersonal Conflict can be difficult for people to address.  Are you experiencing conflict at work with colleagues, peers, a supervisor? Or at home with family members or with friends? Or with a business partner?

By working with you or with you and the person with whom you are experiencing conflict, conflict resolution counseling can help you by providing insight, strategies, and facilitation to resolve issues and get to a win-win situation.

Conflict Resolution Counseling in Boca Raton, Flrorida

Learn how to better communicate with the people in your life, the people you work with or for, and the people you love.   I work with my clients to resolve conflict between people in relationships, between teams or between employees and managers.

There are five behaviors which can help you resolve conflict in almost any situation you encounter. These behaviors will help disagreements from escalating. As people are forced to work through a problem to a solution, they each get a better understanding of the point of view of the other person(s) involved.

Openness: Use “I” statements and state your feelings and thoughts openly and directly, including the nature of your disagreement. Don’t say negative things about the other person.

Active Listening: Make sure you are really hearing what the other person(s) is saying. You do that by reflecting back what you think you have heard and asking the other person if that is, in fact, what they are trying to communicate.

Empathy: Try to feel what the other person is feeling and “walk in their shoes”. Validate the other person’s feelings by stating what you observe. You can say, “I can appreciate what you must be feeling….is it that ….” or “it must be difficult to have to deal with……” Let the person know you are sincere in attempting to understand their view and how they feel.

Goals: Focus on identifying any mutual goal(s) and identifying the problems or issues. Let the person know you are interested in finding a solution or coming to an agreement or mutual understanding. State your position and let the person know you are open to hearing another position and you are open to changing your positions.

Positive Attitude: Look at this as an opportunity to identify areas of agreement and better understand the whole situation to get to a better solution. Be positive about the possibilities and the commitment to finding a resolution that works for everyone.

Equal Treatment: Treat the other person and their ideas and opinions as equal to your own. Give the person time to completely express their thoughts and don’t interrupt because you have a better thought.

Respect: With regard to communications, each person has to demonstrate respect for the other. This means that speaking like you have all the answers, being negative, using a loud and intimidating voice, pressing “hot buttons”, and all of those things we do when we are upset or angry must be controlled. If you make a mistake in the way you are communicating and recognize it was a hurtful or aggressive communication and did nothing to further the resolution of the conflict then state that.

This is not easy to do but absolutely necessary if you want to have satisfying relationships in your personal and work life. There will always be conflict and arguments. If you learn how to deal with conflict in a constructive way it will not deteriorate into something that causes pain, anxiety, and, possibly, contributes to the dissolution of the personal or work situation.

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