I am certified to lead GAB workshops.  This is an incredible workshop and a great opportunity to review, capture and write about your life, memories, and learnings—in a safe, compassionate, confidential environment in a small group.   This is similar to writing your memoir; however, it is a specific methodology that has been proven to work.
In this guided autobiography, I use exercises, questions and prompts to spark creativity, self-awareness, and memories. Each week we tackle a different theme touching on common experiences like major turning points, family, health, work, and more. 
People say they want to write stories from their life but never do so for some people, this is what they need to start writing.
For others, writing about their lives helps them come to terms with their past.
And, for others, it ends up being a written “legacy” of sorts for their families passing on facts, stories and learnings. 
No prior writing experience is necessary.
Anyone interested, should let me know by sending an email to