Over the course of my career, I have provided coaching and HR consulting to small entrepreneurial, mid-size, and larger companies.


  • Employee personal problems (Counseling)

  • Work performance problems

  • Conflict resolution

  • Communication issues

  • Volatile situations

  • Managerial skills

Employees, whether they are managers or staff personnel can use coaching to help them resolve interpersonal, conflict, and work performance issues that need to be addressed.  If you are a manager, you may not know how to energize a team, or manage an employee performance issue, or deal with an employee who seems to have personal or emotional issues getting in the way of their work performance.  Coaching is an important part of a manager’s job as is communicating effectively about expectations and job responsibilities.

Often, this doesn’t happen and the result is an employee gets fired or leaves. Turnover is expensive.  There are times when two employees are not getting along and there is conflict. Sometimes one employee seems to be the problem but no one knows how to handle the situation.

As a coach and counselor, I can provide assistance to employees and managers to help alleviate workplace problems, boost performance and morale and increase work productivity—along with growing the communication and interpersonal skills of everyone concerned.


  • Establishing human resources functions/departments

  • Policies & Procedures

  • Employee OnBoarding

  • Employee Engagement

  • HR Strategy Development

  • Employee Relations

  • Root Cause/Metrics Analysis

  • Employee Surveys/Focus Groups

Many times organizations have grown to the point where they need a professional human resources function where there is legal compliance, benefits, a recruiting strategy, appropriate policies and procedures, and other processes that will support organizational growth.  Other times, mid-size or larger companies have a need for a consultant to address issues that the HR Manager or department doesn’t have the time or resources to manage or implement.  There are many reasons to bring in a consultant.

If your organization might need coaching or HR consulting assistance, please give me a call.