Coaching/HR Consulting

Over the course of my career, I have provided coaching and HR consulting to small entrepreneurial, mid-size, and larger corporations, in diverse industries.


Valued executives or managers often need coaching to help them resolve interpersonal, conflict, and work performance issues that must be addressed if they are going to continue to be successful within the organization.  
Usually organizations request management coaching if managers:
  • Are not effectively building or leading their team
  • Aren’t clear as to how to manage a particular employee performance issue
  • Engage in inappropriate or unprofessional behavior
  • Are finding that their personal, family or other issues are interfering with work performance
  • Need to enhance their communication and interpersonal skills
  • Need to enhance their emotional intelligence skills
  • Have conflict issues with senior management, colleagues or staff
If the manager doesn’t get the coaching they need, it can result in less than stellar performance, limits to how they can perform within the organization or it can result in them being let go.  
As a coach and counselor, I can provide assistance to employees and managers to help alleviate workplace problems, boost performance and morale and increase work productivity—along with growing the communication and interpersonal skills of everyone concerned.
If a senior manager needs to be placed out of the organization, outplaced, then I can provide them with services to help them deal with the emotional issues of being let go and with their job search strategy.  I provide individuals with the tools (resume, letters, etc.), strategies, and practical information necessary to conduct an effective job search —in groups or individually, by phone or in-person.


Having served as an HR Director for many organizations, and as a consultant, recruiter and trainer, I have personally recruited for 100’s of positions, established 4 HR functions, established HR strategies with business partners, developed many programs to help bring on board, engage, and train employees and led training programs to help with compliance and employee development.
There are many reasons organizations bring in an HR Consultant. 
  • Establishing a Human Resources Function
  • Recruiting for any Level or Function
  • Creating Policies & Procedures or a Handbook
  • Improving or establishing an Employee On Boarding/Orientation Program
  • Improving Employee Engagement
  • Creating an HR Strategy Aligned with Business Needs
  • Handling Employee Relations Issues
  • Providing Sexual Harassment Awareness Training (or other Trainings)
  • Implementing Employee Surveys/Focus Groups
If your organization has a need for coaching or HR consulting, call me for a free consultation (914) 288-5219.