Job Search

Job Search

As a career counselor and coach, I see clients from all industries, from all career paths, at all levels from recent college graduates to Company Presidents.

Clients who see me typically:

  • Feel stuck and are just not making much progress in their search
  • Need help planning and implementing job search strategies to achieve targeted career/business goals
  • Are running into the same interpersonal issues that seem to be barriers to “success”
  • Are beginning a job search for a new position and need guidance
  • Are experiencing frustration in the search process
  • Are not getting great results with their resume, or other marketing materials
  • Are not getting enough positive responses and/or interviews
  • Need new, create ways to identify job opportunities and create opportunities
  • Need to know what really works in today’s market
  • Don’t know how to conduct a confidential job search
  • Need help with their overall “presentation”
  • Feel depressed or angry and those feelings are getting in the way of conducting a successful job search
Job Search Coaching Boca Raton Florida, Palm Beach County

Learn how to conduct a successful job search get the support you need to see it through, and, as an added benefit, build skills necessary for workplace success!

Succeed in Your Job Search

Clearly Identify your Targets (jobs, industries, organizations, entrepreneurial)

You can’t really be successful if you don’t know where you are going. So, based on your Personal Profile or based on your own prior analysis of your career and job search goals, we identify your target goals.

Create your Personalized Job Search Campaign Strategy

We assist you in developing a personalized and targeted action plan to help you achieve your goals. You will develop the strategy and tactics necessary to gain entry to companies and job targets. This includes the “right way” to network, direct approach marketing, using social media and the Internet, opportunity marketing, responding to listings and, sometimes, using recruiters. As part of the plan, we determine your unique selling proposition, your most marketable strengths. We help you more clearly communicate what you can do for an organization, in a way that sets you apart from others

Develop a “Door-Opening” Resume, other Marketing & Communications Materials

Based on the assessment and our customized questionnaire, we develop a resume or resumes for you that will market you most effectively. You need a resume that is effective in that it showcases your value and benefits to prospective employers and is directed at target goals. In addition, we work with you to prepare the model template communications you need to be successful (direct marketing letter, a response letter, a recruiter letter) or a bio or profile for networking purposes, a web page or a linked in profile. Finally, we help you with your “pitch”, what you are going to say when you introduce yourself, either on the phone or in person.

Implement the Job Search Campaign

We help you implement your “proactive” job search campaign, supporting you in -person, by phone, via Skype and via e-mail. With coaching, you increase your networking and interviewing skills, develop a strategy to approach all opportunities, evaluate your options and offers, and negotiate the best overall compensation package. We provide you with coaching support throughout your campaign.

You’ll improve your attitude, verbal and physical presentation, and the ability to deal with internal and external barriers to success and stay motivated.

And, if you are someone who has a business idea, we can refer you to one of our colleagues who works with individuals to help them assess the potential success of that idea and set you on the right track towards business success.

Please call or contact me to make an appointment.

My specialties include:

Career Counseling, Executive Coaching, Professional Resume Development, Job Search/Interviewing Strategies, Life Transitions, Individual Counseling, Social Skills, Social Anxiety, Conflict Resolution,Communications, Marital and Relationship Counseling, Pre-During-Post Divorce Counseling

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