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Career Counseling, Career Choices, Career Counseling in Boca Raton, FloridaFeeling lost? Need to identify the right career for you? Want more job satisfaction? Not sure what to do?

If you are like so many people today, you may be confused about your career choices, not happy in your current job or career, or experiencing problems at work.  You may feel stuck.

If you are a college student, you may not be sure what you are going to do when you graduate.

If you are going to college, you may not know what major to choose

If you are a college graduate or in your 20’s, you may not have found the career path that is right for you or you may be having problems finding a job. Maybe you’re living at home or still being supported by your parents. You and they want you to move out and on towards a more independent and satisfying life.

Perhaps you have started a career and decide you don’t like it and now what should you do.
Maybe you are in your 40’s or 50’s or 60’s and find that you have to reinvent yourself because your “career” had disappeared.

Using assessment tools, working through barriers to success, identifying new options and new strategies, you will get the counseling and guidance you need. We can work with various assessment tools that help you assess and integrate your values, interests, skills and abilities to identify options that fit with who you are.  Whether you are just starting out in your career or a senior executive, I can help.

You can get help to understand what’s really going on today that impacts your choice of a career, how you can surmount the obstacles and gain confidence that you can have a successful career. We provide you with a personalized plan and coaching to achieve your goals.

While anyone can go on-line today and find anything, it’s not the same as having a trained professional provide direction, analysis and support throughout the process. Here you get motivated, have accountability, and the personal attention to address your specific needs and issues.

Individuals choose to work with a counselor/coach if they:

  • Want help assessing their skills, interests, values, needs to create a “personal profile” that is key in the career decision making process
  • Are interested in learning more about their career and job options
  • Are a recent graduate and not sure about a career path
  • Are at a cross roads and want to consider alternative career choices
  • Want to re-examine their overall career goals and direction
  • Are thinking about enrolling in an educational program or going back to school
  • Need to make a career change because their industry or type of job is being eliminated
  • Need to change jobs because they have been downsized or let go
  • Are having problems at work with the work itself, colleagues, the boss, or another interpersonal relationship
  • Are feeling dissatisfied in their career or their job

I will work with you to help you gain self awareness, perspective and a real understanding of your options. Our goal is to help you make changes, find solutions, explore viable alternatives that can lead to a more rewarding work and career life.

I have worked with college graduates to senior level executives who want to explore alternative career options.

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