Marital/Couples Counseling

If you want to improve your relationship, how you communicate, feel more connected, develop a deeper level of intimacy, and resolve any issues that are negatively impacting your marriage, marriage counseling can help. Based on the guidance, strategies, and support you receive, you can make changes that can result in an improved, more fulfilling relationship.

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Career Counseling

Whether you are just starting your career, making a career transition, seeking to advance, or seeking a new position......whether you are attempting to identify the best career goal for yourself or just want more job satisfaction, career coaching can help.

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Individual Therapy

You may be experiencing indecision, stress, conflict, sadness, frustration, anger, anxiety or another emotion. You may want to make a change in your life, your relationship, or your behavior and recognize that a professional, verses a friend, could assist you in making those changes. Individual therapy can help. And, if there are family issues, family counseling can help.

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Coaching. Therapy. Consulting

For individuals, couples, families and organizations.

For individuals, couples, and families

My goal is to help you address the issues in your life and in your relationships that you want to change and improve.  These could be short term situations, life transitions or longer term, ongoing problems.

Why Seek Help?

As a result of whatever is going on in your life,  you may feel frustrated, confused, angry, sad, depressed, anxious, or just plain stuck!  Maybe you are going through a life transition.  Perhaps you’re struggling with a career change or relationship issues.  Or, you know you’re not happy with the way things are but you’re not sure what to do differently. You want to get unstuck and move forward in your life.

While talking to family and friends can provide support, working with a licensed therapist and coach can help you gain new insights, strategies, tools and options.  You can get unstuck, make better choices, change your behaviors, move forward towards realizing your goals, improve your relationship with your spouse, your children or your family.

Individual Therapy

Many of my individual clients are experiencing a life transition, which can be difficult. Examples include contemplating or dealing with a separation or divorce, dealing with a loss, retiring, making a career or job change, coping with an “empty nest”, or making any other life or behavioral change.  Some clients are seeking to better understand themselves and move forward in their life.  Others are experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, lack of self-esteem, and a variety of other feelings that are uncomfortable and signal that something has to change.


Those who are seeking couples therapy or marriage counseling may be dealing with infidelity, intimacy issues, communication problems, conflict and arguing, feelings of “growing apart”. They are looking for help because they want to make their relationship work.  Sometimes they need help deciding whether the relationship can work.


Families typically seek help when children aren’t getting along or when there is a disruption in the family system and the parents are concerned and want solutions or help resolving family conflict.

How Can I Help?

As a licensed therapist and coach,  I provide my clients with highly confidential and personalized assistance in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment.  My style is one of active collaboration providing support, guidance, and information to assist you in moving forward.  Based on your unique needs, an assessment of the issues, and your goals, I use an appropriate strategy that would work best to support your achieving your individual, relationship, life and career goals.  I give my clients a full hour of my time and am committed to and care about each of my clients.

Call Me

If you are a teen, an adult, a couple or a family and you want to work with a qualified, licensed professional who is creative, caring, and committed to helping you make changes in your life, your behavior, your relationship or your circumstances, call me or email me to discuss your situation and to set up an appointment. 

For organizations

My goal is to help you maximize and empower your employees to produce outstanding results

Your greatest asset is your people, your employees —And if your employees are not engaged, feeling valued, and effectively dealing with personal or work-related issues that impact their productivity and satisfaction– then you will have turnover or just lack of commitment and caring about how they do their jobs or meet objectives. If you are experiencing “people” issues where coaching, counseling or human resources consulting could help, send me an email or give me a call.

Nancy Hutter, MA, LMHC

Licensed therapist, coach and consultant
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Licensed therapist in Boca Raton serving Broward and Palm Beach counties including Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Coconut Creek, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach.